Meet Conference Leader, Jena Forehand

Jena Forehand

God has gifted me to be a student-proclaimer of His Word. This is where I come alive. I am passionate about helping women find the pathway to the abundant life Jesus died to give them. I want to help women walk with God and take others with them. This is the Great Commission, and I am committed to living it out. 

It is my joy to serve women through Living Deeper Ministries. We help women become the authentic woman they were meant to be: body, soul, and spirit. We aim to enlighten, encourage, equip, and empower women with everything they need to find the life they have always wanted and to help others do the same.
Jena Forehand is a sought after Bible Teacher and Author, the Founder of Living Deeper Ministries,
and the Co-Founder (with husband Dale) of Stained Glass Ministries. 
 ​If you know that there is more than what you are experiencing,
and you are ready to live deeper and more authentically with God and others, then you have found the right place! 
Worship Leaders

Jorja Oliver

Jena's daughter and a beautiful daughter of God. Her heart for worship is tender and sincere and 
her voice anointed!

Kelsey Forehand

Jena's daughter by marriage and a precious daughter of God. She is an anointed worship leader who carries us right along with her into the Presence of the Lord.
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