What if I told you that this one weekend could change everything for you? What if I told you that what you receive will make you better for those in relationship with you?  That the eternal impact you will experience in God's Presence will far outweigh the investment and sacrifice you make?
What if I told you that the "more" you've always thought there was 
really is available to you?
Don't Take My Word For It!!!

Julie Hopper

"Last year when I went to Deeper, I was defeated, torn down, and heavy with pain I was carrying. That 24 hours was the catalyst for a complete spiritual renewal to start in me. This weekend away is well worth it!"

Amy Garrett

"As soon as I walked in the door, I felt so welcomed. How refreshing it was to be in a safe space and listen to God's truths straight from the Scriptures. You, too, can experience a weekend like this that will change you forever!"
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